Breeders and Rescues

When I say breeders, I mean those who breed responsibly, not those puppy mill, commercial or backyard breeders.  There is a clear and distinct line between them which should never be blurred. 

Responsible breeders are just that: responsible. They are responsible for every puppy they breed and always take them back. They do health testing and generally more than minimum requirements. Many show in the breed ring and/or obedience/agility venues too. Many encourage their breed to partake in sports for which they were originally bred, such as sledding, weight pulls, earth dog challenges and field trials. 

Breeders also do rescue work, regardless of if its a dog from their lines or not.   I’ve seen this countless times over the years. Nothing flies through the grapevine faster than tales of “one of their own” needing help. There is a great network of caring people who are absolutely obsessed with dogs and will go above and beyond to help one another out.  

While admittedly not everyone is like that, a vast majority is. There seems to be this chasm between rescues and breeders and quite frankly there shouldn’t be. 

Did you know that all parent dog breed clubs support their breed rescue?  Many involved have fostered or permanently homed some of these rescues, even though the majority of them are products of backyard breeders or those that are simply not responsible.  

My point to my rambling is breeders are not responsible for this so-called influx of homeless dogs (yet we are importing them??).  The irresponsible pet owner, puppy mill, commercial breeders are the culprit. Along with, of course, those that want to cash in on the “designer dig” kick of throwing huge price tag on a mutt. My thoughts on the “designer dog” will definitely be for a different post. 

As the title shows, it should be breeders AND rescues that work together, not against each other. 
Hmmmmm…think we may need a post on what makes a good rescue vs those who simply claim to be. 
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