About: Sandy

I love the new set up for WordPress.   The other pages were always a pain in the butt to find and for the most part, I never bothered using because of that.  Or maybe I just picked the layouts that made it more difficult.  At any rate, I’m happy as a pup in a mud hole about this new blog of mine.

I gave a little blurb about me in the Welcome to K9HotSpot entry, but I shall delve a little deeper here I think.  I’ll bet you can hardly wait!

So a little personal info about me.  I’m in my early forties, my SO is the love of my life, mum to a beautiful twenty-two year old daughter and owned by a senior border collie cross and an almost 5 year old Doberman bitch.  I’ve been a professional dog trainer for just over 15 years.  I use predominantly positive reinforcement in the form of clicker training.  If you load that clicker right, that dog gets more excited at the clicker than at the treat.  It really is a far superior form of training.  But enough about that, on to the other stuff.

I’ve studied pretty much everything I can get my hands on, from breed standards to canine psychology.  I’ve trained everything from stay-at-home mums to ex-military families.  As much diversity as their dogs.  From the Alaskan Malamute to the Yorkie and a fair mix of everything in between the two.  Some needing basic puppy training while others had some issues that needed working out.

I’m a huge advocate for the reputable breeder, against puppy mills and any form of breeding or importing for the sake of supply and demand.  You’ll see fairly quickly that I’m very passionate when it comes to my, and everyone else’s dogs.

Every single one of us is an ambassador for every breed and every owner out there.  Right now the bad ones are the ones getting all of the attention because sensationalism sells stories.

I’m sure I’ll add more information as I go along, but for now, my eyeballs feel like they are coated in sandpaper.


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