Cesar Milan: Friend or Foe?

I’m sure by now most of you have already heard of the video that is heating up the online feeds about the Dog Whisperer.  The great debate.  Was Cesar Milan being abusive…to the pig.

To the pig.  What about what he did to the dog?  Hell, to both of them.

This is a man that has no formal behaviourist training as per his own admission. This is a man that is not a trainer by his own admission. This is a man whose formal training is as a groomer, again by his own admission.
This is also about a man who CHOSE to set up this dog to fail in an astronomical manner. This man CHOSE to ignore all the positive behaviour he was getting from the dog (ignoring, walking away from the pigs etc) and had an assistant grab a pigs leg to make it squeal. That squeal of pain set off the predatory instinct in this dog. The assistant HELD the pig in place so the dog could bite it and then Cesar, in his infinite wisdom, chased the dog all over the place to alpha roll a dog that had already shown submissive behaviour. THIS is NOT the actions of someone who knows a damn thing about training or behaviour modification. THIS is the behaviour of a man that needs ratings. Period.
This man is dangerous and people need to realize his methods are ancient and long since been debunked.

Now to respond to all of the folks that love the man, I’d like to walk you through this video step by step.

Cesar Milan’s first decision was to walk this already established pig killer into an enclosure with loose pigs.  Kudos to the dog, he actually ignores all of them and even walks away from where they are.  He doesn’t seem too interested in them and continues to investigate the environment.  This is when Cesar should have rewarded the dogs behaviour as he is offering it all on his own.

Since the dog didn’t react to the pigs like he wanted, Cesar ups the ante and removes the leash.  Dog still offers good behaviour and still ignores the pigs.  This makes for boring tv so an assistant holds one of the pigs and grabs it  by the leg, making it squeal in pain.  That squeal sets the predatory instinct off in the dog and he takes off at the pig.  The assistant is still HOLDING the pig and of course, the dog is clearly able to bite the pig.  Cesar, in his infinite wisdom, decides the next best thing to do is chase the dog around.  Once he finally catches up to the dog, the dog offers submissive behaviour, to which Cesar responds by giving him an alpha roll.  Kudos to the man for making an already submissive dog, submit.

IF he used anything but being an abusive bully, he’d have avoided all of this.  He CREATED this mess.  He set this dog up to fail, to bite that pig, to create scandal and sensationalism.

For what, you may ask?  Ratings.  NOT the welfare of this dog and clearly not for the welfare of the pigs.

Time for him to step down and hang up the reins of being delegated the Dog Whisperer.


You can watch the video here.  Please turn your sound down as the audio is not the best, however the video shows everything quite clearly.






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