Animal lovers vs HSUS

Humane Society of the United States, or better known as HSUS is not, nor has ever been what people think it is. It doesn’t govern over all other humane societies across the US. It does not harbor homeless animals. It does not nor will it ever have anything to do with all other humane societies. It has allowed the misconception to continue and grow simply because it pays to. All their ads show sad little puppies or kittens and everyone simply throws their money at them. If people knew the truth, would they feel so inclined? Some would simply because that’s what they’ve always done. I’m hoping that the rest will see them for what they are: lobbyists that only want your money and want to do away with any and all domestic animals. They are not there to save your pets, they want to make them disappear.

And I love, love, love the very last line.

Animal Rights vs Breeders
By Diana Culp
I was the director of education and training at HSUS headquarters from 2006-2009 which has caused some confusion for my colleagues. My law enforcement partners have questioned my affiliation with activists who disregard the law. My shelter co-workers wonder if I sold out for the big bucks. My rescue friends wonder how I could associate with dog trainers and handlers since everyone knows that 4 million pets are killed annually in shelters because there are breeders, a common misconception. And my wildlife friends don’t know how I can embrace the No Kill movement if that means animals will just be warehoused.

Let me first address the usual concerns: HSUS is a private company with well over 500 employees that despite its name is neither a membership of humane societies or a government entity. “Humane society” appears in the names of many groups.

Another common misconception is that HSUS shares it’s hundred million dollars annually with animal rescue groups across the country. While they have given grants to groups that have partnered with them on publicity projects, the total amount shared with shelters amounts to less than 1% of their annual haul.

And finally, another misconception is that HSUS provides services for shelters such as training or marketing. HSUS publishes a magazine for shelter employees, holds an annual convention for animal care takers and advises shelter boards on industry practices but they do each of these things for a fee. Many shelters cannot afford to purchase these items and unfortunately many donors believe their financial support means shelters won’t have to pay for them at all.

So if HSUS sells training and advice what do they do with their donations? HSUS is an “advocacy” or “awareness” company. It’s more than a PR firm because it has a team of animal rescuers that assist in big cases used for campaigns. They do actually help (for a fee) local governments house animals involved in high profile cases involving animals. That use their massive amounts of donated money to frame issues they way they need to be seen to ensure that most people vote for politicians or laws that will restrict property rights and oversee care of animals with an eventual goal of ending the use of non humans by humans. Animal Rights activists, like president of HSUS Wayne Pacelle, would like to see an end to pets, wool, police dogs and hunting, even for food. But there are almost 800 employees with differing views on how radical an agenda to take on and how to get there.

In general, lobbyists are well funded extremists who fight for one side of an issue. In an ideal system, the opposing views are heard and the will of the people prevails. Unfortunately, in the Animal Rights arena the “other side”, the animal WELFARists, are not as well funded. (PetPAC and NAIA are trying to change this). Pet keepers and small farmers or ranchers, courted by both sides, are victims of this financial imbalance.

Most people mistakenly believe that seeking “rights” for animals means defending animals from cruelty by punishing humans for the wrong they have done. All good people would defend the “right” of an animal to live a life as free from suffering as possible (which we cannot guarantee to humans) but this is NOT what Animal Rights is about. Most people have no idea that pet ownership and animal rights are diametrically opposed, often donating time and money to the very organization that is lobbying to end the practice of sharing space with animals, for any reason. Many supporters of animal rights do not even know that PETA director Ingrid Newkirk, freely admits she has never sought a “right” to life for any animal. Abolitionists believe animals are better off dead than living as domesticated pets. This is the real reason for mandatory neutering laws. Eventually, no more pets will have to endure the torture of living with humans because it will be illegal to allow puppies or kittens to be born.

I have shared my life with non humans acquired from shelters, breeders, homelessness. I train dogs and horses and sometimes cats to do things that they might not do of their own accord, like come when called. I even have a parrot who lives primarily inside a cage for her own safety. I have rehabilitated wildlife under a proper state permit. All of these activities are to be frowned upon in the land of animal rights. Laws to restrict these activities are passed through the misinformation of one sided, well funded lobbying. We pet “guardians” support these efforts because we never hear the other side of the argument. I have no idea how this field can ever be balanced.

To truly respect animals (human and non human) we must respect the choice over generations to join forces as companions and work mates. Believing that humans engineered the dog is the epitome of arrogance. The animal rights argument that follows, to end their existence, is complete disregard for what nature has taken eons to perfect. Defending non human animals from human error has been my life’s work. Labeling the destruction of companion animals as “animal rights” is something I fight against. Get informed.






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